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Results do not have to take years!

"The professional never stops learning and growing..."

~ Michael Grebas ~

Working with Michael Grebas and his powerful 

programs will teach you new ways of thinking and
develop powerful skills for success in life and business:


We will create CLAIRTY and FOCUS.

• Build SELF-CONFIDENCE.  Become a Stronger Speaker

• Discover ways to REDUCE stress. 

• Develop your Time Management SKILLS. 

• CONFLICT Resolution.

• TEAM Building.

• How to overcome OBJECTIONS. 

• How to build a personal and professional life STRATEGY.

• How to ENHANCE your personal and professional life. 

• How to develop a customized plan to meet YOUR GOALS.

• How to develop a VISION for your personal and professional life.


• KEY WORDS and phrases to listen for. 

• EFFECTIVE communication skills using key words and phrases. 

• The 2 DEGREE theory and how to apply it. 

• Ways to increase your CLOSING RATIO.

• We will create a SELF-GUIDED health and wellness program. 

You will develop all of these skills and so much more.

and have "FUN" in the process.














"What are you waiting for? Today is yesterday's Tomorrow!"

~ Michael Grebas ~


There are times in life when we just feel stuck. The years are going by, are you getting everything out of life that

 you should be? We can choose to live our lives on the sideline of life hoping something someday might change.   

"During my 30-year career as an audiologist and consultant, I have taken many

 business coaching courses with the intention of improving my skills in sales and
 negotiations. I truly thought that I had attained a level of excellence as a business
 communicator only to find out that my skills were anything but excellent. It was
 with the assistance of Michael Grebas that I discovered my true skills. Michael
 business coaching brought to the surface those areas which I was finding
 challenging. With his guidance and expertise, I was able to accurately identify
 my strengths and weaknesses. Now, my strengths have become stronger and my
 weaknesses are now assets. Brush up” on their skills so that they become a better listener and an outstanding the skills which I have mastered have assisted.
 me during the course of business as well as adding a phenomenal tool to use
 during family interactions. I encourage everyone to explore their true potential in
 both the business and personal arenas. It is only with the highest regard to
 integrity and honesty that I highly recommend Michael Grebas and the
 Create it NOW Coach.

   Cordially, Sherry S.

Today will not come around again! Discover your full potential in life and in business. Take charge of your future and create Endless Possibilities "NOW"



Michael Grebas Key to Success; # 5 to a positive new direction: Right "NOW" is a new starting point for you. 1st thing is for you to become the writer of your script (your future). Ask yourself what kind of story are you going to write? 2nd take charge of your life and success, make the decision to be the captain of your ship. 3rd packing for the journey, what baggage are you taking with you? (from the past, things you cannot change). 4th and last but not least "GET STARTED NOW" 

 Time is something you can never get back do not waste it. 


You are one step one decision away from making your dreams reality! 

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